Affinity Sutton see 116% Growth in Traffic from SEO Strategy

White Hat Media appointed to increase web traffic and provide SEO strategy

With over 57,000 homes and a one hundred year history, Affinity Sutton is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in England. Providing a range of housing and community focused services to the 161,000 residents living in their homes, Affinity Sutton has properties in more than 120 local authorities nationwide.

What We Did:

In July 2011, Affinity Sutton tasked White Hat Media with driving more traffic to the Affinity Sutton website as well as specific sections of the site for targeted keywords. The campaign involved the planning and management of a fully integrated search strategy.

Using our proprietary software to carry out a complete site audit and by conducting extensive keyword and competitor analysis, White Hat Media's SEO team were able to implement a strong SEO method to support Affinity Sutton's original objective.

Creating a targeted inbound link building strategy to drive top organic positions had a hugely positive impact in terms of enhancing Affinity Sutton's online profile,

The Results:

Since the campaign began in 2011, growth was seen across all their top pages and, in general, for the whole Affinity Sutton website.

Non-branded traffic grew by more than double, with a 116% increase in 2013 compared to 2012, indicating a significant enhancement in Affinity Sutton's online presence in SERPs.

Branded traffic increased 43% from 2012 to 2013, indicating that online awareness of the brand rose significantly.

Non-paid search engine traffic for Affinity Sutton was the largest source of conversions equating to over 70% of all 'contact us' submissions. Google alone was responsible for 62% of this traffic.

What They Said:

Emily Day, Digital Marketing Executive at Affinity Sutton: "We are absolutely delighted with the website traffic increase White Hat Media has achieved for Affinity Sutton. White Hat Media has become a tremendous SEO and marketing asset to our organisation and we would certainly recommend them to any business looking to enhance and strengthen their online presence."   

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