Delivering 25% Organic Search Growth across the Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft Partner Network appoints White Hat Media to help increase ROI from online marketing

White Hat Media were appointed by Microsoft Partner Network to provide an exclusive package of SEO services (Digital Marketing Program) tailored to improve the effectiveness and results of Microsoft Partners' websites and increase their return on investment from online marketing.

What We Did:

Commissioned as Microsoft's primary 'Marketing Services Bureau' to set the standard for all digital marketing activity across Microsoft partner websites globally, White Hat Media rolled out the Digital Marketing Program to territories including Latin America, Central Europe, France, USA, UK, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Germany and Denmark.

A series of four stages, the Digital Marketing Program was designed to help partners generate more sustainable (quality) traffic naturally and increase the return on investment from any additional paid marketing. The overall goal was to help Microsoft partners increase natural traffic from search engines by 25 percent within 90 days of implementation.

The Digital Marketing Program also supplied a more effective and measurable lead nurture and sales process and created an improved connection between marketing and sales functions within a Partners' organisation.

Using our proprietary site analysis tool, Sitechecker, White Hat Media assessed each Partner's website and subsequently made targeted recommendations which laid the foundation for future search engine optimisation (SEO) and improved user journeys.

The Results:

From this, Microsoft Partners saw an increase in conversions for agreed target key phrases by up to 10% once all the recommendations were implemented, with a 25% increase in traffic.

Microsoft Partners also saw a 42% increase in referrals from Organic search and a 550% growth in page 1 search results. 93% of Microsoft Partners saw improvements in their search engine ranking position. Estimated revenue from digital product sales due to this package was $1.4 million.

The primary benefits Microsoft Partners received by implementing the Digital Marketing Program included generating greater quality website traffic and being found by the right prospects. With an optimised website and targeted search strategy Microsoft Partners were able to develop better business insights, informed approach and receive improved marketing awareness on sources of successful sales leads.

What They Said:

"For us the aim was to increase awareness of Digiterre in Europe and the US by driving more people to the website. You guys have done a fab job helping us with that!"
- Katie Lam, Digiterre

"You gave us some really good stuff…We have seen a 105% increase in traffic from last year and a 134% increase in interest in our main Dynamics page."
- Dee Bowers, Armanino

"We saw a major increase in website visitors and search engine positions within a very short time."
- Sarah Neale, Anglia Business Solutions

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Services offered: 
Consultancy & training
SEO site audit