Empowering Conversation for Toshiba’s Online Community

White Hat Media appointed to build Toshiba blog space for community

ToshibaLife is Toshiba's busy online tech blogging community that provides news and information on products, innovations and technologies as well as general advice.  As a world leader and innovator in high-end technology, ToshibaLife was already attracting tens of thousands of visitors each month.

What We Did:

White Hat Media were asked to rebuild this online space in order to bolster the success they had already acquired. We worked closely with the client to build a 'Web 2.0' online space in Drupal to encourage knowledge-sharing and two way interaction that was also visually stimulating.

Drupal open source CMS powers the whole site and is actively managed by a dedicated Toshiba team including uploading content images that are automatically processed and resized according to placement and moderating and publishing user comments.

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Services offered: