Engaging NHS Health Visitors through Online Community Building

White Hat Media appointed to build online presence through Social and Content campaigns

NHS London logoAs the strategic Health Authority for the capital, NHS London led a 'Return to Work’ educational programme aimed at Health Visitors as part of the Government's commitment to attract qualified professionals back into the workplace and into local communities. 

NHS London invited White Hat Media to use their experience with social media to build an integrated marketing campaign to target relevant audiences with engaging content in order to to nurture and attract new or returning Health Visitors to the capital.

What we did:

In addition to their offline PR and marketing activity, White Hat Media built a bespoke social media strategy that targeted online communities both on social media and across blogsacross social platforms, blogs, forums and other groups. 

With the objective of achieving to delivering campaign materials to relevant audiences, the strategy focused on driving data capture to newly created social media profiles and pushing traffic through to the ‘Return to Work’ campaign website. This allowed NHS London to build a reservoir of contacts to shorten the lead time for sign up and increase the number of leads. 

White Hat Media researched online communities, created campaign-specific content, built profiles and pushed out materials to online audiences, as well as integrating with the internal NHS London communications team for alignment across all marketing. 

The Results:

The ‘Return to Work’ campaign delivered considerable success for NHS London, providing campaign profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Messaging to communities meant a combined reach of nearly 8 million people over 70 different online groups.

Audience segmentation and tailored content ensured delivery of the brand message to a 68% female audience, a key demographic target for NHS London.

Speed and performance were the driving forces for this limited- time campaign, so with follower growth rates of 140% over the duration, NHS London were exceedingly happy. 

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Services offered: 
Community management