Search Strategy Delivers 25% Increase in Ticket Purchases for Royal Opera House

White Hat Media appointed to provide consultancy and content delivery

The Royal Opera House is the home of The Royal Ballet, The Royal Opera, ROH2 and The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. 

What we did:

White Hat Media provided bespoke website consultancy and SEO to support and improve the Discovery element of The Royal Opera House site and other educational profiles, raising content across different multimedia and social platforms.

Alongside website and SEO recommendations, White Hat Media also implemented an aggressive link building strategy, incorporating various elements such as article submission, blog commenting and University link exchange.

During the course of the campaign White Hat Media also made a number of on and off-page recommendations for the Royal Opera House website, including a home page analysis to help support the overall SEO and content development.

The Results

The consultancy and content delivery resulted in significant increases in new visits, organic traffic and ticket purchases.

The number of unique visitors to the Royal Opera House website increased by 25%, with organic traffic from Google experiencing an uplift of 19%, Yahoo 43% and Bing 29%.

Overall ticket purchases increased by 24%, from 15,129 conversions to 18,748.  

20 key phrases saw position improvements since the beginning of the campaign implemented by White Hat Media, with 14 of these key phrases achieving position 1 on Google UK.

Through a robust link building campaign for Royal Opera House, White Hat Media was able to submit 53 articles per month, which amounts to over 578 total articles. Through the entire campaign, over 2,000 backlinks were built.

Royal Opera House logo
Services offered: 
Consultancy & training