Content Audit

Content Audits from White Hat MediaWhen Google introduced their Penguin and Panda updates (as they continue to do), it was felt by the SEO and digital marketing community that a move towards creating tailored content would help shore up lost search result rankings. This move generated the all-conquering slogan ‘content is king’, which broadly means crafting your online marketing output around choice content that gives Google and other search engines the most relevant information for a customer’s search query.

In this new age, when so much of what you do online is about creating and posting pertinent content to information-hungry audiences, how can you know whether your content is working for you? Not only in terms of how and where you deliver it to audiences, but also in relation to its strategic SEO benefits.

At White Hat Media we’ve developed a wide-ranging content audit that puts your content in context, both as a marketing tool and as a tool for SEO. With our specialist content strategists at hand to cast their eyes upon your current and historical output, we can help you to get started on a future content plan that puts you in a unique place to make the most out of the web and gain new audiences.

A content audit from White Hat Media not only seeks to give you the low-down on how you can optimise your web copy, but gives you the latest on how your content seeding and outreach activities are currently working. This allows you to identify what’s working and what isn’t, as well as gain the ability to spot leads and bring in brand ambassadors, and, importantly, to lay the foundations for a far-reaching content strategy for the future.

Let us give you the best online PR platform for your business! Our content audit will bring you:

  • A web copy analysis from specialised SEO copywriters
  • A report on your current keywords with recommendations for future use and development
  • Identification of your greatest content marketing opportunities so that you can target the right influencers and advocates for your brand
  • A report on your content seeding activities to explore the best prospects for your business
  • A full and detailed report, with analysis, of your entire content output from expert content strategists that’ll allow you to build and develop your long-term content plan

Want to discover how a content audit can help you to understand your current content marketing output? Then get in touch with White Hat Media today on +44 (0)3455 440223 or email us.