Copywriting for SEO

SEO Copywriting from White Hat MediaIf you want to speak to your audience in the right tone, create a consistent brand message and optimise your website for search, compelling web copy is the way to go. A few well-chosen words by a website copywriter, coupled with a comprehensive keyword review to reveal the phrases you should be targeting, can create something really special for your business.

At White Hat Media, our SEO copywriting services gives you creative and stimulating copy, alongside cutting-edge keywords to really optimise your site for search engine results. What’s more, over time our keyword boffins will re-examine your web pages to develop a sustainable strategy to evolve keywords according to the latest trends in search terms.

Not only do you get access to a wonderful website copywriter, but you can also optimise your ad copy with our PPC copywriting experts. With our longstanding and proven expertise in social media, PPC platforms and search engine marketing, we’re well placed to provide you with powerful web copy designed to persuade.

But it’s not only about making copy that targets specific keywords. It’s also about writing words that people want to read. Copy has to persuade the buyer, it has convince and it has to inform. To do all those things well takes an abundance of experience writing for a wide variety of audiences in a range of different tones and styles, and our expert online copywriters sure have got that.

Want to know more about what our compelling copywriting services can do for you? Then check out our full list of services below:

  • SEO copywriting for optimised website content that seeks to expose your site to search engines
  • Keyword analysis and reporting to ensure that as the world changes, your website changes with it
  • Copywriting services to help you sell your products or services around the web, whether it’s a PPC ad or part of a larger marketing campaign that reaches out and speaks to people
  • Well-written, persuasive and compelling copy that does exactly what you want it to!

Whatever you want your copy to do, we can make it happen. To speak to us about our copywriting services today get in touch with White Hat Media on +44 (0)3455 440223 or email us.