Outreach & PR

Outreach and PR from White Hat MediaWith content outreach being such an important part of many modern online marketing strategies you’ll need to know how to maximise your marketing as it rifles through the 0s and 1s. Getting your fantastic articles, infographics, interviews and videos published by the right people and places online the first time is crucial, especially as duplicating content across sites can damage your website’s SEO health. Content outreach can also be utilised to make quality connections in your industry and to mark yourself out as an authority in key fields.

As content marketing has developed, so too have the fine tools that give this surgical operation the finesse it richly deserves. At White Hat Media we target the right connections using precision data gathered from a number of sources, which ensures that you only get the best brand ambassadors and backlinks for your business.

There’s a whole host of business benefits that content and PR marketing can bring to you: it’s a tool to grow communities of supporters; to build specific brand advocates to promote your business; to tap into industry influencers; and to enhance your SEO link building.

For those businesses looking to market out to other businesses, content marketing can seem wide of the mark, however with highly targeted B2B content marketed across numerous platforms, we can deliver excellent return on investment. And with community building as part of the strategy, you can build networks of advocates who will proudly tell your story.

If you’re looking to make the most of the web and reach swathes of potential customers and clients, content and PR marketing can help you get there. This is what you’ll get:

  • A content marketing strategy developed specifically for your business and your business’s online audience
  • Identification of key bloggers and industry influencers that can help spread your story online
  • Growing communities of interested industry ambassadors
  • SEO link building to strengthen your search engine optimisation strategy
  • Digital PR centred on outreach, community management and relationship building
  • B2B content and PR marketing for businesses who want to capitalise on the opportunities the web presents
  • Detailed and comprehensive reports that give you a greater understanding of how our work impacts upon your online presence

Setting up a content outreach and PR marketing programme doesn’t have to be difficult, simply give us a call today to start your journey to content seeding success. To speak to White Hat Media, dial +44 (0)3455 440223 or email us.