Reporting & Analysis

Reporting and Analysis from White Hat MediaSuccess can be measured, and never more so than on the Internet, where you can track everything from website development and audience traffic to conversions and the effectiveness of search engine optimisation. Don’t let your competitors get one over you in the numbers game; start measuring your activities and make the right business decisions today!

White Hat Media offers you a range of analytics reports and insights, delivering website analysis and lead generation reports to further your online presence, as well as being able to measure social media ROI and provide robust and workable reports on all your web activities. We also provide competitor website analysis that lets you see how you measure up to your rivals, with valuable insights into how you can keep in front of them.

With a range of search engine optimisation services at our fingertips we’re able to quickly pool our knowledge to give you the most relevant data and analysis for every part of your online activity. Whether it’s measuring the effectiveness of SEO or gaining a deeper understanding of link-building, our reports and website analysis give you everything you need.

Take a look at our array of reporting and analysis services:

  • SEO reports and website analysis
  • Competitor website analysis that gives you a heads-up on your business rivals
  • Analytics measurement including traffic reports and conversions
  • Lead-generation reports to help you understand where your opportunities lie
  • Detailed link-building reports and analysis
  • Social media ROI measurements to see how your social media presence is making an impact

Start getting the data you need to maximise your online presence with detailed reports and analysis across your web activities with White Hat Media. Speak to one of our analytics specialists today on +44 (0)3455 440223 or email us directly.