User Experience (UX) Audit

UX DesignYou want to grab your customer’s attention. You want to offer them the information they need and, if all goes well, nudge them through your conversion funnel and sell them your fantastic product or service. However, sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan: your customer may get lost while trying to navigate your website, or worse, leave the site altogether.

Getting elements of your site such as content, layout and calls to action just right will encourage better user engagement and higher conversions. This all goes into our intelligent User Experience testing (UX testing), with results and reports feeding back into your site structure and design for a smooth customer experience.

As usability experts, every design decision we make at White Hat Media is part of an over-arching strategy. We understand that UX design is paramount to making the right choices, not only for new sites but for existing ones too.

Our specialist team of graphic and website designers, developers and SEO copywriters work in concert to bring you a tailored UX design approach to flatten every obstacle in your customer’s path.

Here’s what we can do to help make your website a breeze to use and a super-convincing sales tool:

  • Various types of User Experience testing to provide detailed customer journey reports and analytics that show how customers navigate your site
  • Mobile website optimisation that focuses specifically on how mobile users access and find their way through your site
  • UX design that looks behind-the-veil to remove any technical obstacles and clear the way for a greater number of conversions

Want to increase the chances of your website traffic converting into real-life customers of your business? As an effective User Experience agency, we can provide the deep insights and wide-ranging knowledge you need to combat your conversion woes. Call us on +44 (0)3455 440223 or send us an email today.