Video for SEO

Video for SEO from White Hat Media

Want to make your online videos more effective? We’ve noticed that video is rarely used well on the web. Too many companies rely on YouTube to do the work for them. Unfortunately that means that your videos aren’t reaching the people who really want to hear your message.

However, help is at hand. At White Hat Media we’ve developed specialised video SEO services, which work to capture traffic from Google, improve the position of your website on search engine results pages and tailor content to the audiences who want to view your videos.

We’ll develop a video SEO marketing plan tailored to your content, giving you:

  • Augmented titles and descriptions
  • Optimised video landing pages
  • Social distribution channels for your content
  • Conversations around your brand

Then, when our video SEO techniques have kicked in, we’ll provide you with results to show how effective they’ve been.

Did you know that video advertisements increase your customer’s purchase intent by up to 97%! Imagine what you could do when your content is watched by a captive audience!*

If you want to optimise the effectiveness of your content with video SEO, then contact us today. We’d love to speak to you about how we can generate more traffic and more conversations around your video.

*Data from Unruly Media